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Watch Your Back: Nine Proven Strategies to Reduce Your Neck and Back Pain Without Surgery

A self-care guide for better back health—and overall well-being—with nine essential strategies to support your neck and spine.

Back problems are the leading cause of disability worldwide—and many of us will endure severe or chronic back pain at some time in our lives. But what can we do? Are surgery and painkillers the only answers? “Not at all,” says spine and neck expert Dr. Ken Hansraj. “There are dozens of exercises, habits, and techniques you can practice—anytime, anyplace—that will significantly improve, if not completely heal, your back pain.” Now, this leading researcher presents a comprehensive guide to help you overcome physical, mental, and emotional factors that contribute to back problems.

In Watch Your Back, Dr. Hansraj offers a straightforward program for taking the health of your spine and neck into your own hands. Here he offers nine adoptable strategies that provide simple, specific directions on what to do to strengthen your back and make your spine supple. With guidance on nutrition, posture fixes, mindfulness practices for positivity, stretches, and more, Dr. Hansraj’s program has provided healing and pain relief for hundreds of patients.

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For more than 20 years, Dr. Ken Hansraj has dedicated his life to eradicating spinal problems. With an in-depth knowledge of and a vast experience in spine care, he has discovered and
simplified the core factors and strategies that can be applied to improve the quality of spinal health. His work helps people to understand spine wellness, spinal conditions, and to augment people’s physical, mental and emotional well-being through the spine.

Dr. Ken’s work has influenced people in every country to feel better and to do more. His studies on spine care costs, text neck and backpack forces have influenced global positions, and global trends.

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Keys to An Amazing Life: Secrets of The Cervical Spine

In 2017, American GDP was estimated at 19.4 trillion dollars. With spine care costing Americans 135 billion dollars per year in the USA, that means one in $144 GDP (0.7%) dollars is spent on spine care. Today, with this important book, internationally-renowned American spinal expert Dr.Kenneth Hansraj unlocks the secrets of your spine, and how learning to treat it with respect.

This book will vastly improve your physical, emotional and even mental life. It’s packed with brilliant illustrations, photographs and techniques for achieving optimal spinal and overall vibrant health! The most painful problem in America isn’t the economy, trade, crime or foreign wars. It’s our BACKS! Hansraj unlocks the influence of common everyday options that are good for spinal health and general health.

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Dr. Ken Hansraj helps the world by improving your physical, emotional and even mental life. He’ll speak to your audience about achieving optimal spinal and overall vibrant health!